The Pee Analyzer Uses Urinals to Stop Drunk Driving

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: walyou
In an effort to stop drunk driving, the Pee Analyzer informed inebriated club-goers when to call a cab. Developed for Zouk night club, the DDB Group Singapore created the system due to the high drunk driving accidents in the small state.

The system stopped intoxicated patrons in two ways: the Pee Analyzer was placed inside urinals and determined the alcoholic content in the urine. If the person relieving himself was drunk, a sign lit up giving him the option of calling a cap or using the club's drive home service. The club also used RFID cards, which informed valets if the driver had too much to drink. This created a second check point to stop drunk driving. Zouk saw enormous success with the campaign, as hundred of guests called cabs as a result of the Pee Analyzer.