From Stovetop-Inspired Cookies to Wild Dairy Branding

 - Jun 3, 2013
In a culture where consumers are flooded with choice and hyper-branding is the norm, companies are making a big effort to offer immediate attention-grabbing examples of food packaging to attract buyers.

Lately, consumers flock first to the Internet to search reviews, comments and customer feedback rather than to a company. Because of this, companies are making a serious effort to re-brand, repackage and re-market themselves to attract customers during their very first interaction with a product. Concepts like stacked snack packaging, biodegradable packaging, completely clear packaging and simple, clutter-free packaging are new and creative ways companies are trying to better relate and attract customers. 

From psychedelic dairy branding to greener fast food packaging, see all the ways brands are coming up with to better market their food products.