Kiyu Taro Labels Their Flavors Based on Atmospheric Conditions

 - May 10, 2012
References: & lovelypackage
Kiyu Taro has taken a unique approach to branding and has labeled their various packages based on weather conditions. Whether you are a "Spicy Thunder Storm" kind of guy or a "Curry Moon Night" gal, you’re sure to enjoy a flavor of Kiyu Taro that also matches your personality type. Other quirky flavor names include "Wasabi Rainy Day" and "Caramel Sunny Day."

Kiyu Taro’s branding initiative was undertaken by Victor Branding Design Corp., who conceptualized this bizarre yet engaging idea for the popular Taiwanese root snack. The packaging features cutely painted graphics representing the various atmospheric conditions with Kiyu Taro snacks also serving as elements in each illustration. The novelty of the marketing alone makes me want to buy all four boxes and try them in accordance to my local weather.