From Botanical Juice Bottles to Illustrated Drink Packaging

 - Aug 26, 2014
This list of artistic juice branding examples illustrates the importance of a fresh marketing strategy. As countless juice products take over the health market, companies are breaking the traditional mold with branding that pushes visual boundaries. These fresh examples feature artful motifs and vivid graphics that reject the concept of minimalism and subtlety.

The result is a cluster of artistic juice branding examples that range from illustrated packaging designs to vibrantly patterned carton motifs. The examples are both eye-catching and intriguing for the design-conscious consumer.

Whether embarking on a juice cleanse or searching for a new morning juice favorite, consumers can often be overwhelmed with the selection of beverages that floods supermarket shelves. If they are not sticking with an old favorite, consumers are more likely to respond to these artistic examples thanks to their visually vivid branding.