Woolfiller Packaging Reuses Card for Consistency with Brand Values

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: coroflot & packagingoftheworld
The brand behind Woolfiller packaging would like to support the culture of consumers who repair their own garments, so it was only fitting that the product should be wrapped up with equal resourcefulness. Lotje Nieuwenhuis and Jan Hellemans of Belgium took up the task of designing an eco-friendly strategy for securely storing delicate items.

A pair of recycled cardboard cylinders are super strong, maintaining their shape to keep the wool wonderfully fluffy. An assortment of different colors can be pushed into each tube, decreasing the number of packages that mending types would need to purchase. To encourage new do-it-yourselfers, Woolfiller packaging also integrates felting instructions into the back of its label, saving on material and recruiting more to its darning movement.