MonoSol Has Developed Edible and Dissolvable Food Packaging

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: monosol & fastcompany
MonoSol has created dissolvable package for food that helps combat unnecessary waste. The water-soluble wrappers are dumped straight into liquid with the contents and all. Jon Gallagher, MonoSol's new product development manager, explains, "Once there's water penetration, the molecular bonds loosen up." After the wrappers have dispersed within the liquid, the food and drinks are safe to consume.

MonoSol and CEO P. Scott Bening have been creating and selling this revolutionary dissolvable film for years. MonoSol's products have encased everything from clothing to pesticides to detergent. Venturing into the food market, MonoSol is developing a range of "edible films that are soluble, biodegradable, even flavorable," according to Fast Company.

MonoSol's packaging is particularly functional for foods like oatmeal and drink mixtures like hot chocolate and instant coffee.