The Good Food Packaging is as Simple as the Product's Ingredients

 - May 6, 2012
References: designbyface & thedieline
The Mexico-based design firm Face was given the difficult task of making frozen food appetizing once again for the sake of their client Good Food. A purveyor of fresh from the freezer entrees, Good Food is on a supermarket crusade to bring taste back into frozen meal options. Offering everything from chicken to pork, the pre-made meal company has something delicious for every busy diner.

To emphasize the company's use of fresh, simple ingredients, Face took a minimalist approach to the product's packaging design. The title of the company is front and center in bold type. A two dimensional representation of the animal featured in each entree helps the consumer identify the different varieties available. The rest of the box is left relatively unadorned, save for a kitschy rendering of a knife and fork and a description of the sauce inside.

Distancing itself from the complicated, chemical rich manufacturing process frozen meals are usually subjected to, the Good Food packaging is as simple and no nonsense as the ingredients the company uses.