DD/MM/YY Tequila Packaging Seals in the Beverage for Later Enjoyment

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: yujo.mx & thedieline
Consumers are used to seeing more consistency in a brand's visual identity than they would get in DD/MM/YY Organic Tequila packaging. This alcoholic beverage makes a point to advertize one of its defining features on the front of the bottle that would often be unique amongst its shelf mates at the liquor store.

It hasn't been explicitly stated by the Yujo! design team, but it seems that the prominent series of three double digit numbers is intended to represent the date that the drink was dispensed into these crystal clear container. The motto reads, "Time cannot be stopped, but it sure can be bottled."

The glass flasks that make up DD/MM/YY Organic Tequila packaging are quite minimal in their graphic treatment otherwise, besides a cluster of postage stamps and a wordy label around the neck.