The Weneo ID Smart USB Card

 - Sep 8, 2008
References: rfidjournal & coolest-gadgets
The Weneo ID Smart is a USB train ticket created to help streamline the train ticketing process. The concept is being tested by the French public transportation company SCNF. The project intends to make train transportation more convenient.

With the use of Weneo ID Smart, passengers can pay for a ticket in advance via an online process. The USB card needs to be plugged in a computer and after purchasing the ticket, fees are automatically deducted from the passenger’s bank account. In case the USB card is forgotten, the fare will be taken either by an RFID reader or by an attendant.

The Weneo ID Smart ticketing program is currently being tested and tried on 1,000 passengers. If the pilot is considered a success, it is planned to be implemented by 2010.