From Geeky Apologies to Instant Messaging Keyboards

 - Aug 12, 2012
This collection of earnest emoticon uses shows how an integral aspect of instant messaging has crossed over from the social media scene into other aspects of everyday life.

Often, tone is not properly transmitted through text or instant message. The use of smileys and emoticons are so clutch in ensuring both parties are communicating on the same page, not to mention some of them are so cute and spot-on in relaying expression. For these reasons, these charming characters have been remixed for the real world, appearing as finger rings, on underwear, decorating shower curtains and even as stamps.

The transformation of the emoticon is an example of one feature that is exclusive to computer technology (like the 8-bit design or the photoshop toolbar) that is being brought into the realm of the 3D world through product design or graffiti street art.