Slickwraps Mood Ring Wrap Senses Your Emotions

 - Sep 15, 2011
References: fancy & slickwraps
Revisit your giggly preteen days with this Slickwraps Mood Ring Wrap for the iPhone 4. Admit it, you've been lured in by this timeless piece of costume jewelry at one point or another, and there is probably some small part of you that misses one of the eighteen rings you owned before training bras became a necessity. Now you can rock mood ring technology without looking like you're on your way to get your braces tightened. The wrap itself is precision-cut and only adds 5-mil of thickness to your phone, so you are free to use your usual iPhone cases, pouches and bumpers. It goes on smoothly with no frustrating bubbles and is completely reusable. The Mood Ring Wrap is also compatible with all iPhone 4 models.

Assess your feelings on any subject by pressing anywhere on your iPhone 4. Made with thermo-chromatic material, the wrap is temperature-sensitive and has a spectrum of seven colors, each representing a different mood. Are you feeling passionate, happy, calm, cool, nervous or anxious? Only your trusty iPhone 4 knows the truth. So, the next time you're feeling out of touch with your emotions, tap in with the Slickwraps Mood Ring Wrap.