Students in London are Creating Super-Human Technology Masks

 - May 23, 2013
References: cnn & news.discovery
Most of us have probably dreamed of one day having extra sensory perception. Students at the Royal College of Art in London, England are aiming to fulfill those dreams. The ‘Eidos’ project has been focused on creating two incredible masks that actually enhance sensory perception.

The first mask fits over your mouth and ears and allows users to hear sound enhanced sounds. A special microphone inside the mask isolates sounds and eliminates background noises. The sounds are then transmitted to the user through a headset and a mouthpiece that passes sound to the inner ear through bone vibrations. The students say that this creates an effect like someone is talking inside your head.

A second mask worn over the eyes has a camera that captures images, which are then processed by special software that creates visual effects like the tracers seen in long-exposure photography. The user is then able see a frame-by-frame progression of movement.