The Vodafone Buffer Busters Turns Your City into a Video Game

 - Sep 15, 2011
References: northkingdom & adverblog
Enlist with the Vodafone Buffer Busters through the company’s augmented reality app, and the real streets of Germany will turn into a video game. The German telecom giant developed the app, using the considerable talents of the Swedish digital design firm North Kingdom, to apply arcade-like game play to the real world. The ambitious app weaves a simple digital story that illustrates the objective of the game. The user’s job, as a Buffer Buster, is to rid the streets of the repressively stagnant and inherently evil buffer monsters. Once the world is relieved of the buffer monsters’ tyranny, society will become faster and more efficient.

While the story-line is a touch utilitarian, the game play is anything but cooperative. Pitted against your fellow Buffer Busters, the race is on to trap the most buffer monsters for a chance to win a lifetime plan from Vodafone. Each app is equipped with a buffer monster bank that holds up to fifty of the creatures at one time. In order to continue on in your courageous cause, you must deposit your buffer monsters at any Vodafone location or online. If you’re having flashbacks to the Ghost Busters franchise, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Fight the power of sloth and win a slew of merit badges along the way with the Vodafone Buffer Buster app.