Patador Prod’s Latest Creation Brings Surrealism to Plasti

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: itsnicethat
The latest video by French studio Patador Prod for electronic musician Professor Kliq is impossible to stop watching. Titled ‘Plastic and Flashing Lights,’ the video shows a man made of wire and plastic as he is stretched, squeezed and otherwise transfigured through stop-motion animation. The resulting video is absolutely hypnotic. The geometric images paired with abstract movements make for an aesthetically astounding creation.

‘Plastic and Flashing Lights’ is set to electronic music by Professor Kliq himself, which increases the epic quality of the short film while giving a strong beat to which all the figure’s movements are coordinated. Every time a strong drumbeat occurs, the figure’s head expands and with every eighth-note the figure takes a strained step. This makes for a fluid video while maintaining its intensity through the figure’s movement, the background music and the use of stop-motion techniques.