Artist Never2501 Makes a Compelling Corpse of Dead Leaves and Trees

 - Mar 3, 2013
References: & sweet-station
Usually when somebody talks about tree photography, they're about to show you vibrant, leafy, green-filled images that show you the majestic power and beauty of nature. That's apparently not how Italian street artist Never2501 rolls.

This compelling gallery by Never2501 features muted grays and browns and features a humanoid corpse put together out of nothing but dead trees, roots, grubs and branches. There were no screws or external tools used to create the corpse. The disturbing atmosphere of the gallery is accented by the autumn-assisted carpet of dead leaves, the Gothic architecture and sprawling staircase that the corpse's head is lying on.

Tree photography doesn't come much more morbid and depressing than this album, and I have a feeling that's the exact vibe that Never2501 was going for.