Gary Anderson Morphs Famous Four-Legged Animals Into Bipedal Creatures

 - Dec 15, 2011
References: nightwing1975.deviantart & blog.thaeger
I honestly don't know whether I am bothered by these Gary Anderson illustrations or whether I find them endearing. Sure, they feature famous characters from the beloved Lady and the Tramp and The Aristocats films, but seeing these canine and feline creatures with human-like arms, legs and torsos unnerves me greatly; they are quite unusual.

Gary Anderson is a UK-based artist who can seemingly replicate the style of any illustrator. His portfolio is filled with images from popular series such as Star Trek, Masters of the Universe, Superman and even the Halloween horror films. You name it, Anderson can draw it.

Perhaps that's why Gary Anderson was recruited to illustrate these peculiar pooch and cat illustrations. The images were commissioned, which means somewhere out there, a person actually found this idea alluring enough to pay an artist to bring it to fruition.