The Elderly Now Have Someone to Keep Them Company with the Actroid-F

 - Oct 26, 2011
References: diginfo & io9
With an increasing number of adults eschewing responsibility and hoisting their aging parents into the indifferent arms of retirement homes, a warm, caring person to watch their elders is a necessity, which is where the Actroid-F comes in.

Although the researchers at Tokyo's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science have demonstrated the humanoid fidelity of earlier androids, they've just unveiled a newer, more masculine model. Although the hope is to test for cultural preferences (a male vs. female robot), both versions have already been introduced to hospitals and old folks homes in the hopes of monitoring their health, providing witty banter and soothing them in general. Thus far, field studies have shown that most people welcome the presence of the curious, albeit mechanical bots. The bedside manner of the Actroid-F, however, is lacking, particularly since the androids only retain freedom of motion above the neck.