The 'I-Fairy' Robot Marries Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata

 - May 17, 2010
References: foxnews
The wedding between Satoko Inoue and Tomohiro Shibata this weekend in Japan definitely takes the wedding cake because they became the first couple to be married by a robot. Named 'I-Fairy', the robot was four-feet tall, had flashing eyes and a tiara of flowers while conducting the ceremony from a seated position through remote-controlled commands.

Both Satoko and Tomohiro have jobs in the robotics industry, so the odd choice of marriage official was not coincidental. The bride Satoko works for the manufacturer 'Kokoro' and the groom is a professor of robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in central Japan.

Who knows, 'I-Fairy' could take off in the near future!