From Mechanical Lavatory Servants to Robot Fitness Coaches

 - Oct 15, 2011
Technology has advanced so much so that we are are the brink of -- if not already in the midst of -- a robot revolution. With so many human-helping robots designed for things like house-cleaning, pet-sitting and even food-serving, day-to-day living will never be the same again.

While some people reject the idea of a robot-ran world, arguing that such automation will take away the need for human work or make society lazier than it already is, there is no denying that many of these human-helping robots are extremely practical, and in some cases, absolutely necessary. While we may not need a condiment-squeezing robot or a cyborg pledge collector, there are innovations, such as eldery-feeding robots and robot luggage handlers, that make life undeniably easier for many folk.

So, if you're one of those who welcome the robot generation, you'll love this collection of human-helping robots.