MIT's Mario Bollini Programmed the PR2 Robot to Make Cookies

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: & io9
Find yourself buried in your own sizable income, but lacking in skill or time to bake? Then this cookie-baking robot might just be for you. Developed by MIT graduate Mario Bollini using Willow Garage's Personal Robot 2 platform (or PR2 for short), this bizarre yet enticing project is currently entering its seventh month of development.

In reviewing its demonstration video, it is clear that Mario Bollini and the rest of his development team still have a few roadblocks a head of them, but he assures us that it should be ready for full-time work as a cookie-baking robot within the month. Current programming challenges include mess-free mixing and working with a technique called "hierarchical planning" to assist it in ensuring its workspace remains clean and ready for use at the outset of each baking session, making it on par with nearly every human worker in the food service industry. No word on whether the robot will prefer unionized bakeries or instead vie for subverting its softer, flesh-based coworkers to thereafter serve as their domineering robot overlord.