From Star Trek Seating to Intergalactic Droid Loungers

 - Aug 20, 2013
Decorating a new home can be a fantastically creative way to put your own touch and style on the property, and if you happen to enjoy intergalactic themes and nerdy references, then these sleek Sci-Fi furniture designs are definitely up your alley.

With such popular Sci-Fi movies as Star Wars and Star Trek gaining immense popularity worldwide, dedicated fans are constantly looking for ways to pay tribute to these classic intergalactic films, and these geeky furniture designs are definitely a great way to do it. Why go for ordinary pieces of decor or furnishings when you can have tables or couches shaped like spacecrafts or droids?

From Sci-Fi spaceship coffee tables to dark side storage shelves, these Sci-Fi furniture designs will surely have fans beaming with all the nerdy references and geeky shapes.