The Millipede Bar Chair Looks Like the Sentinels from 'The Matrix'

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: umbra-design & yankodesign
Although the Millipede Bar Chair is clearly inspired by a creepy crawly insect, I can't help but see the Sentinel robots from 'The Matrix.' The chair's support doesn't look like millipede legs so much as it looks like the robotic tentacles that the Sentinels used to navigate and latch onto things.

Yet overall, the Millipede Bar Chair has a very intriguing aesthetic that is both organic and futuristic. Despite its multiple legs, it also has a simplicity about it that lends itself to the minimalist discipline.

The Millipede Bar Chair was designed by Michael Samoriz. Yanko Design makes an interesting observation about the Millipede Bar Chair in that 'the user will feel more like a rider than a sitter' due to all of its legs.