The WowWee Roboscooper Looks Like a Helpful Wall-E

 - Aug 3, 2010
References: wired & dvice
Even if the WowWee Roboscooper wasn't a trained robot helper, I would still want it because it's just so darn cute. It would be like having my own real-life WALL-E. The fact that it cleans up after you only seals the deal.

Essentially, the WowWee Roboscooper is equipped with outstretched arms that picks up objects on command and dumps it into its pickup truck-like body. Or you can just leave it on an autonomous mode and it'll do it without direction.

According to Wired, the WowWee Roboscooper "can talk, offering such trite and annoying phrases as 'Let’s get to work!' and 'One step closer to a cleaner world.'"