CloneFactory Uses 3-D Printers to Reproduce Your Exact Likeness

 - Jul 31, 2011
References: dvice & geekologie
Although 3-D printing is still relatively new, the technology has dramatically fallen in price and risen in availability, and CloneFactory is taking advantage of the barrier-free market to deliver a strange, yet charming product.

I was born with an identical twin, but should I ever desire another clone, I'll take my business to the people at CloneFactory, a Tokyo-based 3-D printing store. For approximately $1,800, the company will capture your living-and-breathing image, translate it into code and print out a 20-inch marionette in your exact likeness. Sounds remarkably close to voodoo, doesn't it?

Until the costs associated with 3-D printing continue to plummet, it'll only be the most self-absorbed customers who buy these small clones. In the near future, however, it's conceivable that CloneFactory may expand the process, produce bigger models, throw some robotics inside and voila! Now you have a to-scale replica of yourself. Amazing, isn't it?