Yotel New York's Yobot Provides Excellent Customer Service

 - May 20, 2011
References: yotel & pcworld
Robots are taking over the world! Well, not yet, but they are certainly starting to help out when it comes to customer service. Yotel New York's Yobot is the first hotel robot designed to take your luggage from the car to your room at no extra cost.

Yotel New York's Yobot is the first ever one-armed luggage robot that carries your belongings with ease. The robot is just one part of this hotel's innovative designs, including new and improved high speed Internet that can be used anywhere in the hotel. The hotel is set to open June 7, 2011, and it is now taking reservations. If you do plan on staying here, be prepared for the Yotel New York's Yobot to greet you at the door.