The Electrolux AMMI Fetches Food from the Supermarket for You

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: & tuvie
Grocery shopping can be a hassle, especially when you've got other things to do, and that wish that your refrigerator will magically stock itself can come true, thanks to the concept for the Electrolux AMMI.

This rolling cylindrical robot has incredible programmable abilities, that start simply when you order groceries online. The concept for this cutting-edge system requires cooperation on the vendor's side of the transaction, for the AMMI is literally sent out to buy your baked goods, your produce and your delicious deli dishes immediately.

Designed by Alvin Chan, the Electrolux AMMI is large enough to fend for itself among neighboring cars on its roadside trajectory, and this physical trait means it has a great capacity for food storage within. To top it all off, when the AMMI returns from its journey to the grocery store, it will apparently unpack the products in your kitchen as well.