Nanoscribe's 3D Printer Makes Objects Smaller Than a Grain of Sand

 - Feb 24, 2013
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It feels like every day somebody is doing something new and unique with 3D printing technology, and this microscopic 3D printer is just the newest accomplishment with the astonishing technology.

Nanoscribe's microscopic 3D printer can print any object such as weaponry or spaceships smaller than a grain of sand. If you're thinking of declaring war on dust bunnies or ants, then this microscopic 3D printer is a must. Nanoscribe's technology is also very notable because not only can it print objects thinner than a strand of human hair, but it can do it at ridiculous speeds. 3D printing is still a notoriously slow process, but this printer can create the objects in less than a minute. The benefits of microscopic 3D printing can be applied to a wide variety of fields from medicine to national defense.