A Patient Had 75 Percent of Their Skull Replaced in Pioneering Procedure

 - Mar 10, 2013
References: dailymail & technewsdaily
When you look at 3D printing technology, it seems like it has an application for every facet of life, from the mundane to the extraordinary, and it doesn't get much more extraordinary than functional skull implants.

After getting approval from policy makers U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an American patient had a procedure in which 75 percent of their skull was replaced with durable 3D-printed skull implants. The skull implant was printed layer by layer to nearly the exact dimensions of the patient's existing skull using advanced digital scanning techniques.

The skull implant was produced by Oxford Performance Materials, which is next looking at using 3D printing techniques to reach into other areas of orthopedics. It's estimated that each bone type that Oxford Performance Materials is able to replicate could be worth between $50-$100 million in market value. I think skull implants are a pretty impressive start.