- Sep 26, 2014
Perhaps the most revolutionary piece of technology in the last decade, 3D printing has the potential to innovate across many different fields. For instance, there are countless 3D printed medical innovations that are transforming the healthcare industry.

The Cortex 3D Cast, for example, is created from a scan of the patient's skin and bone. This custom-fit mold offers more support around the fracture, resulting in a more optimal healing process.

Most notably, 3D printing is capable of creating prosthetics and organs. The University of Connecticut's Biomolecular Engineering department has come up with a way to design a viable 3D kidney, an invaluable medical breakthrough that, when put into practice, will undoubtedly save millions of lives who otherwise might have never received a donor.

From 3D Printed Casts to Printed Facial Prosthetics: