The Custom 3D Printed Exo-L is Designed to Prevent Ankle Sprains

 - Jan 18, 2015
References: exo-l & springwise
If you have bad ankles, this 3D printed external ligament is designed to prevent ankle sprains. The Exo-L is made to order so it will protect you better than braces or tape. It helps strengthen the ankle as well and reduces sprains in even highly active wearers -- making it ideal for athletes and sportsmen.

To prevent ankle sprains, the Exo-L is placed over the Achilles tendon and strapped to the outside of your shoe using a special patch. Given braces can be uncomfortable and limit your flexibility and tape can be difficult to apply and rather expensive, the external device is an excellent option to stop your ankle from twisting. It only activates during dangerous moves, so it won't prevent normal activity.