From Senior Wayfinding Devices to Help-Providing Pendants

 - Jun 9, 2015
These wearables for seniors range from way-finding devices to pendants that provide aid when needed. As the demand for wearable tech grows among millennials, the desire for senior-focused devices is also on the rise.

Thanks to modern technology, we now have access to new medical innovations and at-home treatments that were once solely reserved for in-hospital visits. Whether enhancing one's auditory skills with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids or investing in a smart watch that is not only protective but stylish, consumers are recognizing the impact hat wearable tech can have on an older demographic.

Keeping one's mind stimulated, these wearables for seniors help individuals stay active and are a great way to remember when to take your next prescribed pill or when to book a check-up with your family doctor. Moreover, the devices aid in memory and are said to be a preventative measure for conditions like Alzheimer's.