The Wolk Wearable Airbag was Designed with Senior Citizens in Mind

 - Jan 19, 2015
References: wolkcompany & springwise
This wearable airbag is designed to stop the elderly from breaking a hip. From Dutch startup the Wolk Company, the reusable Wolk protects the hip area when you call down by adapting airbag technology.

Wolk (which means 'cloud' in Dutch) is worn around the waist and will automatically inflate when it detects the wearer is falling. The prototype fastens like a seat belt and has a waterproof outer layer the re-usable airbag fits inside. Protecting the hips and lower back in particular, the wearable airbag has a feedback speaker and electronics to ensure a correct fit. In development since 2012, the product so far has received the support of many healthcare professionals. They work to make it as comfortable as possible and invisible to ensure wearability.