From Haute Couture Football Helmets to Concealed Head Protection

 - May 25, 2015
Whether playing sports on a field, hitting the slopes or out for a summer cruise on a bike, protective head gear is a key component of safety. Traditional helmets definitely do the job, but there are many creative styles and stellar designs on the market. If the look of traditional helmets isn't appealing, there are hat-mimicking helmets to solve this!

As society has begun craving the latest technological advancements, you can bet helmets are being infused with useful tech accessories too. Camera equipment is embedded into helmets to capture views from a new perspective like skiing.

For more traditional desires, there are collapsible helmets and some with funky designs. Even pop culture-inspired helmets are available to add a touch of flavorful personality to protective head gear. Hockey helmets have been used in places like the Nation Hockey League to allow players to express their personal style. This can now be seen across many sport leagues and recreational activities.