These Philippe Starck Bicycle Helmets are Water-Resistant and Anti-Microbial

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: mocoloco & gizmodo
These Philippe Starck bicycle helmets look so sleek and shiny that you almost want to hang them up on the wall as display pieces rather than wear them on the road and risk getting bumps or scratches on them or getting them wet.

Starck drew inspiration from the world of motorcycling while coming up with the design for these bicycle helmets. The helmets have aluminum lids and a cork liner to protect against injury. The cork liner is water-resistant and anti-microbial. The helmet also has a visor to protect the rider from wind, the elements and random projectiles. The helmet was designed in collaboration with California-based company Giro.

Starck and Giro have not yet revealed when these helmets will be available on the market, or indeed how much they will sell for, but there's no question they will have a lot of takers.