The C-THROUGH Helmet is Designed with Wet Weather in Mind

 - Aug 7, 2014
References: yankodesign
Although people might be attracted to this futuristic motorcycle helmet for more superficial reasons, its sleek design serves a more practical purpose. Created with wet weather conditions in mind, the back of the helmet boasts layered scales for maximize ventilation while the wide jaw section is designed to direct exhalation away from the double-paned visor in order to prevent fogging.

Designed by Yolegmma Marquez, Patricio Corvalan,Kunzhao Wu, and Ratchanon Keawmanee, this futuristic motorcycle helmet also boasts an oversized visor also extends the wearer’s field of vision. Although the overall shape of the futuristic motorcycle helmet might be unusual, it looks like something straight out of 'TRON: Legacy,' especially with its all-black exterior and bright blue lining. Perhaps it'll make an appearance in the next movie.