3D Printed Items are Changing the Way Bones are Healed

 - Jul 2, 2013
References: jakevilldesign.dunked & dezeen
3D printed items have already revolutionized the manufacturing industry and have huge implications for healthcare as well. The astonishing technology is capable of making prosthetics and organs. Inspired by this technology's ability to make custom-fitted objects, Jake Evill created the 'Cortex 3D cast.'

The cast is created from a scan of a patients skin and bones, creating the optimal form for healing, "with denser support focussed around the fracture itself."

Currently, 3D printing is time consuming and takes three hours to complete a cast, as compared to a traditional plaster cast that can be applied in minutes. However, one advantage to 3D-printed casts is that they can be completely recycled after the wearer's bones are healed.