The Veu Instantly Goes from Tricycle to Rolling Trolley

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: coroflot & tuvie
The VEU is an interesting electric vehicle that looks nothing like a typical fold-up bicycle or tricycle. The Vehiculo Electrico Unipersonal, Personal Electric Veicle in English, is designed for those with short commutes who don’t necessarily have anywhere to store a bicycle.

The VEU has an odd three-wheeled shape that makes it look more like a piece of exercise equipment than an electric vehicle. When you have reached your destination, simply fold the VEU for quick and convenient storage. When folded, the vehicle can be pulled like a piece of luggage and isn’t much bigger than a golf bag. No specs have been given on the VEU’s range or speed limit, but it should be safe to assume it won’t be able to go very fast or far. Hopefully it can be charged via a standard wall outlet.