The FB R200S is Designed for Speed and Stability

 - Dec 23, 2011
References: ani-mat & yankodesign
A three-wheel motorcycle may sound sacrilegious to some, but it actually looks pretty darn gnarly when you see it in the form of the FB R200S. The FB R200S is a conceptual motorcycle designed by Miroslav Hundak.

Hundsk's designed is loosely based off of the BMW R1200S, a sporty and fun to ride bike. The FB R200S has a bare-bones design highlighted by its three hub-less wheels. There is one wheel in the front for steering and two wheels in the back that sit side-by-side. The wheels are thin and are almost impossible to see when viewed from the side. While some might argue against designing a motorcycle with three wheels, it seems like a wise decision as the FB R200S looks like it would have added stability when taking sharp corners thanks to its third wheel.