- Jun 26, 2013
Utilizing a shocking or fearful marketing strategy is a creative way to catch a viewer's attention, and these apocalyptic ad campaigns are some great examples of how showcasing the end of the world can really leave a lasting impression.

With the popularity surrounding zombie television shows and explosive action-packed movies, there's no surprise that the concept of an apocalypse is something that several modern day youths are familiar with. These clever apocalyptic marketing techniques are drawing in viewers with its fearful theme and engaging scenery. From apocalyptic vacuum commercials to exhilarating end of the world auto ads, these gloomy ad campaigns will certainly leave a lasting impression on consumers.

An inventive way to pack action and cinematic references into a marketing campaign, these apocalyptic ads will certainly have viewers aching to see more.

From Apocalyptic Automobile Ads to Explosive Paper Ads: