The Axe Noah's Ark Commercial is the Last Dry Place on Earth

Axe is known for marketing its babe-magnet effects, and this Axe Noah's Ark commercial keeps with this popular pattern. In today's contemporary culture, sex still sells, and in that world, if you're the last man on earth with a life-saving boat, things could get hot and heavy.

This commercial promotes the new AXE 2012 deodorant, but when it comes to this creative commercial, they could be selling anything. When viewers see a man building Noah's Ark with his bare hands and a million lovely ladies flocking to hop on board, almost any man will want the product. The Axe Noah's Ark commercial demonstrates that when it comes to smell, this product is sure to please.

Hopefully this man has a lifetime supply of Axe aboard the boat too, otherwise these ladies could be in for a harsh surprise.