This Sehsucht Berlin Production is Gripping

 - Apr 14, 2012
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Sehsucht Berlin deserves praise for this surreal and intriguing commercial for Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal. The production company was hired by the advertising agency Kolle Rebbe, who in turn were commissioned by Vorwerk & Co. KG, Wuppertal to promote its vacuum cleaners.

The video takes an interesting angle on, what is for most people, a boring domestic chore. A living room being vacuumed does not usually make for a gripping, surreal tale -- at least from a human perspective. From a mite's point of view, however, a vacuum cleaner is nothing less than apocalyptic.

At the beginning of the video it is difficult to tell what one is looking at. Swiftly enough though, shapes start to form and a city emerges. A mite city. Almost as soon as its buildings spread their spires, earnestly reaching for the sky, everything is torn asunder. The frame zooms out and the viewer is left watching a man vacuum a couch.