From Father-Daughter Rap Videos to First-Time Dad Apps

 - Mar 4, 2015
These modern dad innovations range from father-daughter rap videos to infographics that break traditional gender stereotypes. The roles of the modern dad are changing as more fathers decide to take on the responsibilities of a stay-at-home parent. Moreover, even controversial celebrities like Kanye West are proving that fatherhood can soften an otherwise egotistical star.

These commercials, mobile apps and social media accounts illustrate the diverse characteristics of modern fatherhood and showcase society's views of their ever-changing roles. Standouts include same sex fatherhood ads that break common stereotypes while standing up to discrimination along with hot dad social accounts that chronicle attractive parents at various Disney park locations. While mainstream media is portraying same sex families more frequently, fatherhood-focused Instagram accounts highlight millennial parents who are recognized for their fashion sense or photographic talents.

Other memorable examples from this list include products that are specifically designed for new dads. These include diaper bags and baby carriers that are more sporty than traditional and female-centric products.