Old Spice's Dadsong is an Ode to Leaving Adolescence Behind

 - Dec 12, 2014
References: blogs.wsj
Earlier this year, Old Spice created a series of comical "Momsong" ads featuring moms lamenting about their boys growing up into men, and now, these "Dadsongs" let dads get a word in.

Rather than being tearful like the moms about their young teen sons growing up, the Dadsongs embrace a happier tune, celebrating a #SmellcometoManhood that gets growing boys out of the house. This ad makes the differing opinions between dads and moms apparent, but in away that shows both perspectives with a good dose of humor.

This portrayal of fatherhood probably hits close to home with many, which is what makes it such a hit. Like most comical and outrageous commercials that come from Old Spice, this one has already gained millions of views on YouTube, plus thousands of interactions across other social networking sites.