- Dec 26, 2014
These December 2014 commercial ideas range from cheeky celeb ads to awkward family commercials that are both heartwarming and humorous.

Standouts from this December 2014 commercials list include fashion ads that feature a brand ambassador who is a celebrity. By collaborating with popular singers, actors and celeb spawns, fashion brands are able to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience.

Stars like Anna Kendrick, Miley Cyrus and Romeo Beckham--son of Posh Spice and David Beckham--are just some of the famous faces featured in these commercials. Exuding more personality than a traditional model, the stars encourage their fans to show support for a brand that they are affiliated with.

Other examples from this list include feminine moustache videos and awkward family ads that highlight an individual's quirks and eccentricities. The commercials are humorous and easier to relate to than ads that portray unrealistic or unflawed characters.

From Cheeky Celeb Commercials to Interactive Auto Ads: