Denny's Promotes Its Breakfast Menu by Animating 'The Grand Slams'

 - Nov 1, 2014
References: thegrandslams & brandeating
The Grand Slams from Denny's is a new web series that stars breakfast staples like bacon, sausage, egg, toast and pancakes as personified characters. The webshow is produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which is the same team behind Robot Chicken.

In this first video, entitled 'Breakfast Clubbin',' we see Pancake desperately trying to get into the exclusive Breakfast Club. The bouncers aren't too pleased with his getup, which makes him more like a dessert than a breakfast item—and the club is only for breakfast foods. However, Pancake is saved from having to beg and plead when Egg waltzes by and takes the flapjack on her arm, instantly getting them both into the Breakfast Club. The video is cleverly wrapped up with Bacon noting that you can "Add egg to anything and it's breakfast."