- Jan 28, 2015
These frozen food innovations range from chef-prepared frozen meals to microwavable superfood dinners. Created with both taste and convenience in mind, these foods are not your run-of-the-mill microwavable dinners.

Those leading a busy lifestyle will appreciate how far frozen food has come in the last few years. When you don't have time too cook a gourmet meal, give one of these exotic frozen food recipes a try. Whether you're a fan of butter chicken, pad thai or spicy noodles, the possibilities are endless.

Fans of restaurant quality meals can recreate a favorite right at home. Not only are these frozen meals ultra-convenient and time-saving but they are also budget-friendly. With recent frozen food innovations, brands are targeting busy professionals and parents and are no longer only appealing to students on a budget. This shift means an increase in variety and flavor, as is seen with these exotic and delicious recipes.

From Chef-Prepared Frozen Meals to Microwavable Superfood Dinners: