Dinner for N's Frozen Food Meals are Like Having a Chef of Your Own

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: dragonrouge & dragonrouge
Dinner for N's Salmon filet frozen food meal a red pepper sauce sounds more like something that you'd expect to find in a restaurant than at your local grocery store. This is precisely why Dinner for N was created, to fill that void in the market between fast food, healthy eating and gourmet meals. The dishes feature top-quality imported meat, which is visible through one side of the packaging. On the other side, the frozen packages are loaded with vegetables and a homemade sauce packet. In total, it takes seven steps to prepare these meals in under 20 minutes.

Dragon Rouge developed the packaging for Dinner for N, where the "N" in the equation is left a mystery. To emphasize that Dinner for N is like having a chef-in-a-box, the label is shaped like a chef in a hands on hips stance, ready to get cooking.