Beldent's Chewing Gum Test Shows How Approachable Gum Makes You Look

 - Oct 28, 2014
References: youtube & mobiledia
Chewing gum gets a bad reputation for making you look disgusting or lazy, but this chewing gum test from Beldent that helps to prove the opposite. The experiment involves sets of identical twins who are seated beside one another in a gallery. People are encouraged to sit in front of them and answer a series of questions such as to point out which twin looks more likely to have lots of friends, or imaginary friends. The only difference between the two twins, who are styled and dressed to look exactly alike is that one of the two is chewing a piece of gum.

By doing so, it makes the person seem much more approachable, kinder and social. Nearly 500 people participated in voting and 73% tended to favor the twin that was chewing the gum.