SellanApp Lets Anyone Gain Funding and Connect with Developers

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: sellanapp
Have you ever had an amazing idea for an app, but lack the skills to bring it into reality? Or perhaps you lacked the funding to pay someone to do it for you?

SellanApp is a crowdfunding platform that connects people who have great app ideas with skilled developers and the financing to bring their idea to reality. To present their idea to the community, the person with the app idea (the producer) can share a mockup created with the SellanApp iPad app.

The website also lets curious browsers look through innovative app ideas that were submitted by others, and gives them the opportunity to fund the ones they think should be developed. Like Kickstarter, the model works on all or nothing funding (no one is charged unless a developer selects the idea).

"Pledgers receive rewards offered by the producer, a share in the revenue the App will generate or both," SellanApp explains. During the funding period the total amount pledged grows.

"Within this period any of the developers can select the App Idea for development against the total amount pledged at that time. This effectively creates an auction between the creative and the development community worldwide, whereby future users of the apps participate actively."

The completed app is then submitted to the Apple App Store, where anyone can download it.