Rocksauce Studios Presents a Slightly Creepy Design

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: spinfernogame
Rocksauce Studios: App Development and Game Development Company in Austin, Texas, is currently working on a Kickstarter Campaign to raise the funds to develop a game for the new OUYA Console and Android Devices.

Spinferno is a game inspired Dante’s Inferno Circles of Hell in a pinball-style game. The goal of the game is to allow you to torture anyone you want to by bouncing them around in a gory game. When designing the perks for the campaign, Q Manning, the CEO of Rocksauce Studios suggested a Paper Doll Set that mimics the game play of Spinferno. 

For backers who pledge $30 or more to the project, they would receive this unique perk along with the exclusive Overweight Bearded Internet Critic character-type, unlock to full game of Spinferno and all backers names will be listed in the game’s about section, in a special area called List of the Condemned.

We released this video to show backers and potential backers what they’re getting when they pledge $30 and above to help Rocksauce Studios make Spinferno.